Tuesday, 22 October 2019

THE PATH TO HEALING. What are some of the patterns behind diseases that require healing?

- Life is always throwing us challenges.
- We react emotionally to situations, with stress, worry and fear, sadness, anger, or joy.
- These emotional patterns if they persist for a long time, can lead to emotional blockages that cause disease.
- The disease (for example, stomach problems or a stomach hernia) can then be healed by releasing that emotional pattern (for example, strengthening ourselves in our reactions to stress caused at work, or by a difficult relationship, or financial worries).
- Recognizing the pattern is the first step to healing. Often there is resistance, and the logical insistence to go to a doctor, go for surgery, try a new diet, try pills, etc. But these do not address the original cause, so the problem can persist!
- Believing plays a huge factor. What you believe, manifests. This happens, very powerfully, at a subconscious level.
- Stress and negative emotions lead to disease. Relaxation, excitement, peace and joy leads to healing. But this must be sustained over longer periods of time. Likewise the disease also originates after months or years of sustained negative patterns.
- Once you start to have glimpses of healing, pay attention to the factors that lead to healing. Focus on those.
- Once you are almost healed, you might notice setbacks when you engage again in old negative patterns. Remember them, and avoid them.
- Different organs of the body are affected by different subtle patterns.
- Different people have different (and several) weak spots in the body, and if a disease occurs in an organ, it's because it affected a weak spot.

  • For instance, migraines are often caused by an overwhelming of mental tension, or too much going on, or someone that makes you feel very  tense.
  • Cancer is caused by unsolved emotions stored for a long time, often connected with a close relationship like parent or partner. Also environmental factors can create a weakness that leads to cancer.
  • Stomach problems are often caused by worries of the future (can be at a subtle level), or deep stress caused by work or family life. Astrologically, Virgo energy tends to cause stomach or digestion weakness, due to nervousness and worrying. 
  • Intestinal problems are caused by emotional roller-coaster situations. This is why children (which are psychologically fragile) often have tummy problems. But in general, emotional stress (also caused by illness) can cause intestinal problems, so they can be secondary symptom.
  • Accidents and falls are caused by recklessness and carelessness when moving. By an excess of fire or anger, and also overwhelming with stress and anger.
  • Heart problems are connected to a lack of love, such as anger at someone.
  • Tooth problems and flu/colds are caused by a general weakness of the system, that's why they are common, and also when we are lower in our immune system, such as wintertime. Exercise helps avoiding this. Stress can also trigger them.
  • Over sensitivity can lead to autoimmune conditions. 
  • Suicide is caused by not seeing a solution and feeling alone in face of a problem, for quite some time.


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