Saturday, 17 October 2009

Natural cures for nausea

  • Ginger tea
  • Plenty of water
  • Breath eucalyptus oil

Natural cures for headaches

- For nervous tension headaches, drink rosemary tea, made from its flower tips, in very hot water.
- Drink Tilia cordata tea and then rest for 30 min. This is an efficient remedy.
- Breath lavanda oil. It lifts your mood and calms down the pain.
- For pulsating migraines, drink marjoram tea
- Also efficient, it's to make a tea of willow (Salix) tree, where salicilic acid (the active ingredient from aspirin) is extracted.
- Rest or sleep. Common causes of headaches are stress, irregular sleeping and eating habits, and weather changes (dry weather may cause headaches due to static electricity, "bad winds" such as the european föhn, which are filled with unhealthy positive ions)
- Sometimes headaches are also caused by caffeine or tea withdrawal (after one or two days) or by dehydration, and can be corrected by drinking water, eating some salted foods and resting/ correcting sleep patterns.

Tilia cordata flower tea has not only a fantastic sweet smell but also a very relaxing and soothing effect for mental strain and headaches

- Bath your feet with hot water, while washing your face with cold water. It is very relaxing and relaxes the pain.

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Natural healing for allergies

Natural healing for allergies.

I suffer from some allergies once in a while; house dust and cats.
For the first, I often open the windows in our rooms to allow for fresh air to enter. Don't put any old clothes in your wardrobe, or don't sleep with an old matress, pillows or sheets!

For the cats, I avoid irritating them! Maybe they produce their hormones and proteins that make my immune system react! When a strong reaction occurs, I go outside, catch fresh air, and wash my face with very cold water. Drinking ginger tea or red wine seems to have a nice calming effect. Drink plenty of water. I do not allow cats to enter my bedroom.

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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Recommended book on Natural healing


Thursday, 10 September 2009

Natural cures for common problems!

Nausea: Ginger tea
Stomach ache: Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis), Mint, Lemon verbena (Aloysia triphylla), Lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus), yoga can help
: drink water and juices, eat only little and light food for a while (your body is detoxifying)
Constipation: eat pears, juicy fruits, vegetable soap, fiber-rich food, drink plenty of water
Colds/Flu: Swallow Garlic, Lemon Juice, Spice teas (ayurvedic warm teas), eat good spicy food, sleep a lot (rest and warming foods help a lot) (in case of high fever, take fresh showers, keep in bed, drink plenty of water)
Headache: Lavanda oil, cold shower in head plus warm bath in feet, sleep early (usually, headaches are caused by stress and mental pressure or standing too much time in the same environment; if it's mild doing some to distract oneself can help, or doing yoga)
Eczema: reduce stress, eat fish (rich is oils), apply natural skin cream, keep the skin a little bit dry but not too much (don't scratch!), drink plenty of water (detoxify) (I have cured one after 4 months, usually it's caused by stress situation; balancing your diet also helps)
Backpain: sleep and stand in confortable position, massage, take a warm bath, yoga helps
Toothache: crush garlic in the teeth, stop eating sweet food, eat plenty of vitamin food, clean your teeth, apply pressure and give a rest, if persists, consult a dentist (usually the pain goes away for me)
Depression: practice outdoor sports, hiking, biking or swimming, meditate in your issues and make changes in your life, spending time in nature, have a tea with a friend, read a new book
Diabetes: eat a semi-vegetarian well-balanced (vitamin and mineral-rich) diet, with no refined (white flour) food, and little sweet food, eat regularly, practice some sport, reduce stress, drink water (only works if you don't need insulin, and it's just a case of sugar intolerance)
Myopia/ Shortsightedness: avoid using glasses if you can, avoid spending time reading, working in computer, or watching TV; live a life mostly outdoors; don't focus your look over an object but keep naturally moving your eyes; massage you eyes; keep as relaxed as possible (usually it is difficult to reduce myopia, but you can learn to live with it, and stop it increasing; the natural correction of myopia takes many years; myopia is caused by bad habits of staring and looking to close, and looking little time to more far places; it's a sign of introversion and the muscles then lose the ability to relaxe and accomodate a correct focus)
Tired eyes: apply raw cucumber to your eyes
Varicose veins: cold shower over legs everyday, take natural medicine to stimulate blood circulation, avoid standing for long times, rest your feet every day by elevating them, practice mild leg exercises)
Lazyness: a cold shower, go outside and practice exercise
Stress/anxiety: meditate, breathing exercises, sports, spending time in nature, drink catnip, lavanda or passionflower tea, sleep, watch a movie

Good vegetables to eat often: radishes, carrots, some lettuce and spinach, celery, cucumber, oranges, beets, diverse fruits

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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Ground ivy - Congested throat, chest and nose, ear aches, inflammation of the eyes

Ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea ou Nepeta hederacea), this is a wild herb used for kidney problems, and eye, teeth and ears inflammation. The tea made from leaves is excellent for cleaning the mucuous membranes, particularly the nose, throat and digestive system. It is used for treating catarrh and chest problems. It is diuretic, tonic, febrifuge (anti-fever) and purifying. Do not use in high ammounts and take care while identifying the plant.

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