Saturday, 17 October 2009

Natural cures for nausea

  • Ginger tea
  • Plenty of water
  • Breath eucalyptus oil

Natural cures for headaches

- For nervous tension headaches, drink rosemary tea, made from its flower tips, in very hot water.
- Drink Tilia cordata tea and then rest for 30 min. This is an efficient remedy.
- Breath lavanda oil. It lifts your mood and calms down the pain.
- For pulsating migraines, drink marjoram tea
- Also efficient, it's to make a tea of willow (Salix) tree, where salicilic acid (the active ingredient from aspirin) is extracted.
- Rest or sleep. Common causes of headaches are stress, irregular sleeping and eating habits, and weather changes (dry weather may cause headaches due to static electricity, "bad winds" such as the european föhn, which are filled with unhealthy positive ions)
- Sometimes headaches are also caused by caffeine or tea withdrawal (after one or two days) or by dehydration, and can be corrected by drinking water, eating some salted foods and resting/ correcting sleep patterns.

Tilia cordata flower tea has not only a fantastic sweet smell but also a very relaxing and soothing effect for mental strain and headaches

- Bath your feet with hot water, while washing your face with cold water. It is very relaxing and relaxes the pain.

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Natural healing for allergies

Natural healing for allergies.

I suffer from some allergies once in a while; house dust and cats.
For the first, I often open the windows in our rooms to allow for fresh air to enter. Don't put any old clothes in your wardrobe, or don't sleep with an old matress, pillows or sheets!

For the cats, I avoid irritating them! Maybe they produce their hormones and proteins that make my immune system react! When a strong reaction occurs, I go outside, catch fresh air, and wash my face with very cold water. Drinking ginger tea or red wine seems to have a nice calming effect. Drink plenty of water. I do not allow cats to enter my bedroom.

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