Monday, 25 October 2010

Healing headaches - Ayurvedic cure

Vata headaches: These headaches are in the back (occipital) portion of the head. They are characterized by throbbing, pulsating, migrating pain that radiates from the back of the head and may go to the front. A vata headache may be associated with tension in the neck and shoulder muscles, back stiffness, constipa­tion, and sciatica. This kind of headache is aggravated by high altitude. It gets worse when you move your body and subsides when you rest.
  • Massage neck muscle with sesame oil, then take a hot shower.
  • Dexotify.
  • Take a glass of water with some sugar, a bit of salt, and some lime juice. Hydrate. Replace salt levels in the body. (today after eating several salted chips, my headache was nearly gone after 30 min).
Pitta headaches start in the temple area and go to tne central part of the head. A pitta headache characterized by shooting, burning, piereing, or penetrating pain, and it is worsened by bright light, hot sun, or high temperatures, or by eating sour fruits, pickles, or highly spicy food. It may be associated with nausea and/or burning of the eyes. The person may also become quite irritable. A pitta headache is often felt behind the eyes and may be associated with dizziness.
  • Apply aloe vera gel
  • Drink cool cumin-coriander tea
  • Place some ghee in mostrils
  • Eat something sweet like icescream!
  • Don't go into the sun
Kapha headaches. If your headache occurs in winter or spring, strikes in the morning or evening, and gets worse when you bend down, it is a kapha headache. It is often associated with sinus congestion and clogging of the nose, and it often accompanies a cold or a cough. It may go along with hay fever and other allergies. The pain of a kapha headache is usually dull and deep-seated. It starts in the upper frontal area of the skull, moves down to the fore­head, and sometimes comes down to the sinuses.
  • Inhale eucalyptus vapour
  • Drink ginger tea, inhale or rub ginger in nostrils
  • Wash nostrils with very salty water

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