Saturday, 7 January 2017

Causes of Autism! And how to avoid it!

Important information for parents and pregnant women!

Scientific research supports the fact that autism is caused by a multitude of factors, rather than one single cause. As autism has increased greatly and mostly in the western world,

Among the discussed and researched causes of Autism in children

  • Genetic factors (strong evidence supports this)
  • Exposure to herbicides/pesticides and other chemicals (best to buy organic food) (not enough research yet, but some evidence supports this, indirectly through thyroid disruption)
  • Exposure to mercury (such as through certain kinds of fish, so avoid those)
  • Exposure to leaking plastics and household chemicals (some evidence supports this)
  • Exposure to car pollution (diesel exhaust) (evidence supports this) and lead (evidence supports this)
  • Exposure to other chemicals, possibly even certain medicines such as psychiatric pills (evidence supports this)
  • Consumption of alcohol or other drugs and smoking, during pregnancy
  • Rubella disease during pregnancy (strong evidence supports this)
  • Vaccines, namely flu shots and the MMR vaccine (controversial, research seems to disprove it, but the rubella research seems to support this) (research seems to disprove the link between mercury and autism)
  • Folic acid suplements (evidence supports this) (best to get a folic acid rich diet rather than suplements) 
  • Thryoid interfeering foods (such as cabbage-related vegetables, soy, peanuts, millets) (some evidence supports this, indirectly) (but on the positive side, iodine rich salt and foods such as seafood would help mitigating this impact)
  • Gluten-rich and dairy-rich diet (theory shows that these are converted to excess opiods that cause autism) and gastrointestinal stress (some evidence supports this but not yet enough, and this is probably only during the first years of life)
  • Diabetes (evidence supports this) and maternal obesity (not enough research yet)
  • Lack of vitamin D (not enough research yet)
  • Lack of parental warmth/affection and early trauma (evidence seems to disprove it). Though maternal affection does contribute to reduction of autism symptoms
  • Autoimmune diseases, triggered via infection  (evidence supports this, including cases of genetic inherited autoimmune diseases)
What can you do:

  • consider not taking the MMR vaccine (be aware that this is controversial)
  • minimize living in polluted city areas
  • avoid certain medicines
  • consider not taking folic acid supplements (and instead getting it through diet)
  • eat a diet low in gluten, dairy products and sugar
  • eat a diet rich in iodine (avoid excessive consumption of cabbage)
  • being organic (eat preferably an organic diet /avoid exposure to chemicals, including cleaning products)
In a nutshell, be organic, low gluten, and avoid exposure of most manmade chemicals!


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